We want to share our success with you!

What a great way to earn money! UFLEX.work referral program gives monetary rewards when your friends and family members join UFLEX, either as candidates or employers.

How does it work?

When you sign up to UFLEX.work, you obtain points once your profile, if you are a candidate or your company profile, if you are a business, has been completed. You can then start referring candidates and businesses by simply sharing their email address. We will send them a message so they can sign up to UFLEX.work.

How many points can I earn?

There are many ways to get points and therefore reach valuable rewards even faster. Check below:

Actions Points earned
Refer candidates. Candidates sign up and complete profile. 5 points per complete profile.
Refer businesses. Business signs up and posts jobs. 10 points per complete profile.
Special Bonus! Your referred business subscribes to monthly plan. 250 points!

What is the special bonus?

When a business that you referred subscribes to any monthly plan starting at $49 per month, you get rewarded with 250 points that can be converted immediately in $20 reward card or saved for later! This is our way to say thank you and show our appreciation.

Can I refer anyone to earn points?

UFLEX is currently developing business activities in a limited geographic area, before further expanding to the entire United States. Only candidates and businesses located in Broward county, Miami and Gainesville Florida are currently entitled. Referral outside of these locations will be accepted but not eligible to rewards. The full list of valid zipcodes is available upon request.

What do I do with the points I earned?

The points can be converted in rewards as per below.

Reward Points needed
$10 Amazon card 100
$25 Amazon card 250
$50 Amazon card 500

How do I redeem my rewards?

When you have collected enough points, simply let us know what reward you would like to receive and we will send it to you within the next few days. Your points will be deducted and you can can continue earning more points by referring more candidates and employers.

How do I know how many points I have earned?

You just need to sign in and check your dashboard on UFLEX.work. You will know how many points you have been awarded. you can also track your referrals so you know if they have signed up or not. If not, give them a quick call so you can get additional points!

So, what next?

If you have not yet registered to UFLEX, click on the link below and sign up now! If you already have a valid profile, start collecting points now but sharing your contacts and asking them to sign up!