No Strings Attached, Let’s Keep it Casual

Lyft, Airbnb, Wag: three of many rising companies that cater to the new world’s on demand market. They have changed the rules of business to make lives easier for consumers, mostly due to accessibility and ease of use. Any person can now open their smartphone and be paired with one person who can provide an affordable car ride, one who can lend them their home to sleep in, and one who can have their dog walked, all in the span of a couple of minutes. And each of these requests can be completed almost immediately. So, why should the employment industry be any different?

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A person who has time to spare should be able to open their phone and be paired with an employer who has the perfect job for them: the right compensation, time frame, responsibilities and location (hint: this is where comes in). And like great dates, sometimes one great gig is just enough. Casual employment gives the average person and employer the opportunity to work together, no strings attached. People today lead busy lives, with travel, careers, hobbies social lives, studies, we may not be able to lock down a regular 9-5, especially if we already have one. But that’s not to say that our lifestyles should prevent us from earning additional income, in fact, we need the possibility of easily finding jobs that fit around our lives. In the same fashion, employers can be paired with an employee that can be called on to support their operations during peak hours without having the obligation to call them back the next day, when business is slower.Log in, match, meet, and move on., your fast pass to casual employment.