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Casual employment brings enormous flexibility to optimize operating costs as well as dealing with peak seasons and unplanned demand. However, finding flexible and well-trained employees can be a real challenge. With, employers have access to a large pool of local talents. Best candidates are matched as soon as new jobs are posted and’s effective communication model makes the hiring process a breeze. has integrated an innovative resume builder, helping candidates to create their profile in minutes. By setting preferences and availabilities, candidates receive offers for the jobs that meet their needs.


You are an employer

You post your jobs on, either one-offs (for instance Friday from 8 to 11 pm) or recurring jobs (for example every Sunday morning). You can also publish time limited jobs (e.g. Between Christmas and New Year) or permanent jobs.

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You are a candidate

You create your profile, showing your skills, availabilities and preferences, including asking hourly salary. You then review the job offers that we send you and we confirm your decision to pursue or not to the employer to complete the hiring process.

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What UFLEX does for you is an innovative platform to match best jobs to most qualified talents. With its resume builder, effective communication method and rating system, both employers and candidates have ample information to decide on the next steps.

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