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The candidates

Looking for a gig, part time or full time employment, be part of the UFLEX network and find your next job here.


Our innovative platform matches best jobs to most qualified talents. With its resume builder, effective communication method and rating system, employers and candidates have ample information to decide on the next steps.

Trusted employers

Companies registered on UFLEX are verified, so when candidates apply to a job, there is a legitimate opportunity behind.

So, what is UFLEX?

Casual employment brings enormous flexibility to optimize operating costs as well as dealing with peak seasons and unplanned demand. However, finding flexible and well-trained employees can be a real challenge. With, employers have access to a large pool of local talents. Best candidates are matched as soon as new jobs are posted and’s effective communication model makes the hiring process a breeze. has integrated an innovative resume builder, helping candidates to create their profile in minutes. By setting preferences and availabilities, candidates receive offers for the jobs that meet their needs.

Find jobs that fit your schedule

Whether you are looking for a full time job or are only available a few hours per week, let us know your preferences and we'll match you for the best jobs around you.

Gain some experience, earn money and work at your own pace. You are an experienced professional? Leverage your skills and access a new world of job opportunities. Employers are always looking for help.

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Students love working!

3 out of 4 college students work part or full time. Money is not always the main driver. Getting professional experience before graduating is equally important.


Growing your business?

Finding best professionals is sometimes like looking for a needle in haystack. You all compete for the same people. Be one step ahead. Post your jobs on UFLEX and we'll help you find candidates that meet your needs. Why UFLEX?

  • We find best candidates and notify you

  • You review candidates profile and rating online

  • You contact and hire them via UFLEX

  • Keep using UFLEX and spread the word!

Most recent jobs posted

Here are some of the jobs recently posted that we have selected for you. For more details or to apply, sign in or register HERE.

Earn money by referring candidates and businesses!

Our referral program offers great rewards by simply asking your friends and family to join Even better, you can earn $25 immediately everytime a referred company signs up and subscribes to our paying plans. Check HERE for more details.

Why is UFLEX free now?

Until June 30, 2021, we are committed to offer free access to our services. Many small businesses have taken a hit with Covid and hiring new employees can be a real challenge in these unprecedented times. By offering a free access to UFLEX, we want to help local employers to get back on their feet.

We also believe that customers should always have the opportunity to try out online services first. By giving employers up to 6 months of free trial, we trust they will value our services and promote UFLEX among their friends and other business owners. So we can help each other...

Best in class

In the service industry, excellence is key. To help you grow, we need to offer best in class services and help you address your hiring needs.

Start up mindset

Small business owners need agile and reliable partners. Time and money is always on top of mind. At UFLEX, we share your concerns.


We want to be your business partner for your hiring needs. We are a young and adaptable small business. Tell us how we can help you and we'll deliver.